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Book Endorsements:

"Kimberly Wilson shows us that hip doesn't mean snobby and tranquil doesn't mean boring. This is the definitive girls' guide to being in shape, having style and a living meaningful life all at once!"
— Cyndi Lee
OM yoga

"Hip Tranquil Chick allows the reader to contemplate the ancient art of yoga with a thoroughly modern and playful attitude."
— Rita Trieger
Fit Yoga magazine

"By connecting yoga practice with daily issues, Kimberly manages to tackle one of the toughest issues women face today — taking care of themselves."
— Melissa B. Williams
Healing Lifestyles & Spas

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Hip Tranquil Chick

hip tranquil chickFinally a book for the busy girl-on-the-go seeking to combine tranquility with flair. Hip Tranquil Chick is a must-have guide for the modern girl filled with tips, tools, how-tos, and inspiration for leading a mindfully extravagant life. With chapters on yoga philosophy in hip chick language, creativity, social consciousness, financial finesse, signature style, and more, this book fully addresses your lifestyle on and off the yoga mat. Each chapter is accompanied by helpful "OMwork" to translate these concepts into reality. Abundant illustrations accentuate the text, and a "savvy sources" section encourages further exploration.


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Hip Tranquil Chick
Book & CD

hip tranquil chick Kimberly's "Get Your Yoga On" CD has nine très chic tracks that serve as the perfect accompaniment to Hip Tranquil Chick. You will be gracefully guided through the seven sensational yoga sequences shared in Hip Tranquil Chick that are sure to enrich your routine with a certain je ne sais quoi. Groovy and chill music by Amrita and pose illustrations help make this CD the perfect tranquility-invoker for the girl-on-the-go.


Track 1: Bon Jour
Track 2: Breathe Your Way to Tranquility
Track 3: Energizing Sun Salutes
Track 4: Stabilizing Standing Poses
Track 5: Negativity Reducing Heart Openers
Track 6: Healing Hip Openers
Track 7: Detoxifying Seated Poses and Twists
Track 8: Rejuvenating Restorative Poses
Track 9: Au Revoir

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